Pure, raw, New England Honey

Hello there, 

We're really glad you have decided to drop by to say hello! Please make yourself at home and have a look around. A little introduction to us - we are a family owned and run beekeeping business operating in Nemingha, NSW. Justin is our head beekeeper, and is responsible for the health and happiness of our bees. Katelyn is his sidekick who helps out with the bees and coordinates the activities of our two budding apprentices - Lulu (aged 4) and Lachie (aged 3). We are committed to ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly beekeeping practices and keep our bees almost exclusively within the New England region of NSW. Our small batch, boutique honey is pure, raw and unfiltered, ensuring the honey you receive is of the highest quality and just as nature intended.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out - either through the contact us page or through our social media channels.

A big special thank you for supporting Australian family small businesses. Your encouragement goes a long way!

With gratitude from our little family, to yours,

The Wall's.

  1. Photo of Katelyn & Justin at the bees