When to call it a wrap on your beeswax wraps

When to call it a wrap on your beeswax wraps

Did you know that beeswax wraps are compostable? 

With the appropriate care, your beeswax wraps will last you 12 months of school lunches, family bbqs and picnic snack pouches. How great is that!


When your wraps start to look a little worse for wear you can revitalise them by laying them on a piece of baking paper on an oven safe tray and then heat them gently on the lowest oven setting. When the wax has melted, use a paintbrush to redistribute the wax mixture (if needed) and then dry flat or hang on your clothesline. 


Eventually, your wraps will be at the end of their useful lifespan and it’s time to throw them away… right? No! Step away from your garbage bin! Your beeswax wraps are completely compostable. So you can put your wraps straight into your compost bin or if you don’t have one, bury them in your backyard. For optimal composting, cut your wraps into strips beforehand. 


When do you know when to call it a wrap on your wraps? When they loose their stickiness, if they start to smell, excessive rips, tears or stains or if they are just generally looking in bad shape. 


A piece of plastic takes around 400 years to biodegrade. A beeswax wrap will biodegrade in just a few months. If that isn’t a catalyst to make the switch from single use plastics to beeswax wraps I don’t know what is!