How to De-Crystalise Honey

How to De-Crystalise Honey

Hello honey lovers! Last week's blog post explained the crystallisation process and why natural, raw honey crystalises. If you missed last week's post I highly recommend going back and checking it out.

Crystalised honey is scientifically proven to be just as flavoursome as runny honey and there is absolutely nothing wrong with honey that has crystalised. However, if crystallised honey isn't your jam, follow these instructions and you will have runny honey in around 30 minutes. 

To de-crystalise your honey, all you need is the warm water from your kitchen tap and either a bowl or your kitchen sink tub. 

  • Let the water run so it gets nice and warm.
  • Pace your jar of honey in the bowl or sink tub and add water until it's about three-quarters up the side of the jar.
  • Using a teaspoon, stir the honey gently and continuously, making sure not to splash water into your jar.

You will soon see the crystallising process start to reverse.

If you need a break from stirring it's fine to let it sit for a while in the warm water while your wrist recovers too! You may need to replace the water in the bowl or sink if it cools down too much. Depending on how far the crystallisation process has gone, it could take up to 30 minutes to completely dissolve all the crystals.


This isn't the fastest way to return your honey to its runny state by any means. But it is the safest, both for all vitamins and nutrients in the honey and yourself.